Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Name IS

My name is April a.k.a breakingvamp.
Hello, blog readers! My name is April. The same as you, I really like reading blogs, especially about fashion. Reading blogs is like a vitamin to keep me going in a day. My day is not complete if I can't read or check the website. Sadly, I am not a good writer so I am afraid that people won't take a look of this. However, I really wished of having my own blog and all of a sudden I just created one. Though, I have the fear, I still have to do it. My happiness is at stake here so I have to chase for it.

In here, you will see everything and anything under the sun:)

During the time making and writing this blog, Japan experienced another shaking news. Miyagi, Japan was hit by a strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake. The people living in northeast coast was given a tsunami warning. Please pray for our fellow Japanese people. God bless them all.

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